Chapter Events

Build connection at your next chapter event

Education chairs have the daunting responsibility of producing a broad array of events that deliver on the promise of “only in YPO-WPO.” Chairs are also charged with executing on the values and mission of the global organization while creating a unique experience that fits within the culture of their chapter.

For those education chairs seeking events that are an interactive and entertaining chapter experience, the following offer a perfect solution.

Chapter Member Integration

Using a “speed dating” approach, chapters that are losing and gaining new members will get up to date and intimately connected with all members of the chapter.

During the event, chapter members sit at tables with other members they don’t know and, for a period of forty-five minutes, each individual uses a worksheet provided as a guideline to share about themselves.

Participants are guided to tell the people at their table not just about who they are, what they do and their family status but also to answer a more carefully considered question, such as:
“What was one of your life’s most difficult challenges before the age of twenty-five, and what did you do to overcome it?”

When the time is up, members go on to a new table of participants and begin the process again. The sharing of stories helps to increase trust and enhance participation at future events.

Leadership Breakfast

When was the last time you could invite your management team to a YPO-WPO event? Designed for leadership teams, this high-octane, interactive, ninety-minute breakfast session offers the opportunity to learn the foundations of authentic leadership. Foundations such as self-awareness, transparency, congruence and conflict resolution are explored with humor, audience participation and poignant life examples. The breakfast session take-home value includes:

  • Discussion and reflection about the power of trust and openness within management teams.
  • Increased appreciation of why you belong to YPO-WPO.
  • Inspiration, reflection and encouragement to grow and develop more effective leadership styles and improve challenging relationships.
  • Networking opportunities with members of other teams.
  • Practical application of five specific tools to build trust.

If you want to raise your team’s leadership game with respect to the power of being honest, the skill to provide feedback, and deeper understanding of your leadership effectiveness, this session is for you.

Do you need a customized chapter event?

If you are an education chair looking to create a customized “wow” experience that engages your membership, Kevin will work with you to plan, design and facilitate an event specifically geared to the culture, needs, concerns and objectives of your chapter. Contact Kevin to find out more.