Dale Carnegie Training

My clients, who are committed to personal and professional development, are always asking me for ways to drive development down through their entire organizations.

While I work with individuals and teams for extended periods, the need for “soft-skills” education that reaches a broader audience still exists. In my experience Dale Carnegie Training offers the perfect solution.

Founded in 1912, the Dale Carnegie Training has stood the test of time for a century. The company evolved from one man’s belief in the power of personal development to a global workplace learning and performance organization with offices in more than 80 countries. World class programs focus on improving the performance of companies by making an impact on their individual and teams’ effectiveness.

My recommendation includes:

  1. Dale Carnegie Public Programs – These regularly scheduled programs held locally provide an excellent option for individuals and small groups.
  2. Dale Carnegie Seminars – One and two-day seminars that provide intense coaching on specific business competencies such as: Cold-calling, performance reviews, running effective meetings.
  3. Customized Corporate Solutions – Based on the unique culture and strategic training needs of an organization, local Dale Carnegie Training consultants design and implement programs customized to meet specific training and development objectives for an organization.

Dale Carnegie Training Core Programs include:

  • Dale Carnegie Course: Effective Communications & Human Relations Skills for Success
  • Advanced Dale Carnegie Course: Skills for Team Success
  • Leadership Training for Mangers
  • Sales Advantage
  • High-Impact Presentations

As a previous attendee of Dale Carnegie Training, I cannot make a stronger endorsement. To explore how Dale Carnegie Training can maximize your investment in human capital, please contact my associate:

Mary McHugh, Sales Consultant, Dale Carnegie Training
Phone: 440-247-3928  Email: Mary.McHugh@dalecarnegie.com