Executive Coaching

Stay on the right track.

Talented executives are hard to find and retain. Even those who have all the skills needed for the job often face leadership and communication challenges. Highly effective in a wide variety of situations, executive coaching and one-to-one facilitation is helping executives:

  • Build trust and increase honesty in their relationships with their direct reports.
  • Stretch outside their comfort zone to overcome their discomfort with being more open, authentic leaders.
  • Modify leadership style to become more effective at working through relationship challenges and broaden their capability to connect with and influence peers and staff with various styles.

Usually conducted as a follow-up to an off-site session with the entire team, the one-on-one executive coaching takes place in weekly sessions over the phone and includes:

  • A comprehensive behavioral and personality assessment that determines distinct and unique behavioral hardwiring and helps the client understand the behavioral changes necessary for greater impact.
  • In-depth self-awareness sessions. Using both personal and professional SWOT analysis, leaders ask and answer the question, “How is my specific leadership style helping and hurting me?”
  • Individualized communication skills training and relationship coaching designed to develop strategies for addressing specific problems, challenges and situations.
  • Integrated whole life coaching. Executives who have high emotional intelligence are not routinely hijacked by their own emotions but rather know how to navigate through the busy intersection of career, family and personal priorities. Coaching supports the client in integrating personal aspirations and values as a key component of their overall executive career strategy.