Forum Retreats

Exercise your head and heart

Regular retreats are an important component of healthy and vibrant Forums, and each one presents a unique situation for improved personal and Forum performance.

Pre-retreat questionnaires and discussions with the moderator and members serve to evaluate the current conditions and stage of development of the Forum. By identifying retreat objectives and themes up front, a balanced agenda composed of appropriate exercises, skills training and tools is designed. The retreat:

  • Provides insight into any performance issues of the Forum.
  • Highlights obstacles and opportunities for growth.
  • Guides the group in finding the next phase of their evolution.
  • Fosters commitment to the places where the Forum can raise the bar.
  • Presents opportunities to work on relational skills and self-awareness that apply to both work and home situations.

Members leave with a full year of scheduled explorations and content-rich, stimulating topics that resonate with meaning and purpose for the entire Forum.