Forum Training

Maximize your take-home value

The most expensive medium of exchange for every CEO I know is their time. When they give it, they expect value in return, and if they don’t get it, they lose interest — fast.

The two Forum Trainings outlined below are designed to help both moderators and members make the most of the time they invest by discovering the greatest potential for their group and unlocking the maximum possibilities for participation.

Individual Forum Training

This one-day, customized program is designed for Forums looking to improve their overall performance, regardless of their starting point. Several situations for which this program is ideally suited include:

  • Launching a new Forum. Designed to help you develop a roadmap for your first year, this session solidifies through experiential learning the true potential of what a Forum can offer and provides a framework for the best practices of successful Forums.
  • Forums in transition. For those Forums that are losing members and/or integrating new members, changes in group chemistry and dynamics are often experienced.  This program helps Forums in transition re-establish and accelerate trust and form stronger connections as a new group.
  • Re-energizing an existing Forum. After a certain period of time, a Forum may feel it’s grown stagnant and in danger of being too comfortable. The group may have lost its commitment to structure and/or become so familiar, value is being compromised. This session teaches “old” Forums some new tricks and helps them identify what the “next level” for the group is so they can move from a position of tired to re-energized.
  • Troubled and dysfunctional Forums. When unspoken tensions and unacknowledged conflicts exist in a Forum, the environment becomes unsafe. Vulnerability and trust are compromised, run-on updates become standard practice, and people arrive late and leave early. As a result, members begin to experience less value. By addressing the underlying tensions, frustrations or disappointments that block progress, members are again engaged in the Forum and committed to its success.

Forum Moderator Development Training

This one-day program provides Forum and spousal Forum moderators with the opportunity to enhance their peer leadership skill sets. In this intensive training, moderators learn how to skillfully facilitate conversations about purpose and function as well as best practices for intervening when dysfunctional behaviors are present in the group. By understanding and embracing their role as the conscience of the group, and its chief observer, moderators are able to draw members out and get beneath the surface to deeper, more meaningful issues.