Management Off-Sites

Trust starts at the top

High-performance cultures are based on trust. It starts at the top and works its way through the organization.

But when trust in the executive team is underdeveloped, compromised or undermined, companies pay a big cost. Decisions take longer and are of lower quality, buy-in becomes more about lip service than sincerity, and unresolved conflicts and hidden tensions thrive.

Based on over twenty years of working with CEOs and executive teams, from Fortune 500 companies to closely held family businesses, Kevin effectively accelerates trust and improves truthful dialogue. Through a customized off-site, executives and their teams increase self-awareness, engage in more open discussion, build trust and learn skills for maintaining and repairing relationships. These in-depth off-sites tackle the “elephants in the room,” taboo topics and sacred cows in a safe and useful manner. The unique approach includes:

  • One-on-one analysis with the CEO and executives.
  • Preliminary surveys and telephone interviews with team members.
  • A continuous improvement plan with regular follow-up and progress reports as well as further skills development.
  • Coaching leaders to communicate the truth about what is happening in the business, both positive and negative, in healthy ways that minimize fear and resistance to change.
  • Helping leaders skillfully and effectively invite, receive and deliver difficult feedback.