Kevin had the rare ability to be effective trusted and accepted by both my leadership team and my plant supervisors. He has saved us a lot of time and eased a lot difficulty

— David Jardini, President, C/G Electrodes, Marysville, PA

I have a wealth of experience with forum trainers, and they are all very good, but Kevin is in a league of his own. Whether it is training moderators, helping stale or troubled forums, or starting a new group, he consistently exceeds expectations.

— Mark Scheinberg, WPO Connecticut Chapter

Even though it was a large group, you saw that people felt as if he was talking to them personally. Everyone related and took home valuable new leadership skills and self-awareness.

— Chris Pennington, Penwal Industries, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

We “cleared issues” and got potential misunderstandings out in the open. We created a culture of openness and service to the members that is still in place today.

— Rob Frances, YPO-WPO Interaction Education Committee

It was obvious he came prepared. We had undergone an extensive period of culture change and needed this experience to bring the group closer.

— Paul Belair, President, Roth Bros., Youngstown, OH

I have seen Kevin in several management team scenarios. He can handle tough conditions, and is equally at home with Fortune 100 executives and those in more closely held organizations.

— Howard Janzen, CEO, One Communications, Burlington, MA

He can handle every curve ball thrown his way and deal with the most challenging situations. I cannot imagine anyone handling our situation as effectively he did.

The Honest Executive is timely, to the point, and highly entertaining. For several years, Kevin has been working with our leadership team at all levels, using the concepts and approaches so vividly represented in his book. The principles and practices outlined in The Honest Executive are part of our core values and culture. We are sharing Kevin’s powerful message with our entire international management team. It is our field manual for setting leadership expectations and improving our communications throughout our organization.

— Chad Faulkner, President, SRC Transatlantic