What is Going Vertical about?

Why does every leader need to look upward and

Leaders who project genuine strength, stability, and caring, develop a sense of sheer clarity and conviction about their underlying belief systems. They have wrestled for answers to the big questions of life – the world view questions. Ravi Zacharias outlines them this way:

My executive coaching and team building focus on raising emotional intelligence, starting at the base, by building extreme self-awareness. We then work on awareness of others and skills for building trusting relationships. It is not enough. We need to comprehend the bigger picture to build a foundation of beliefs that can withstand the inevitable, stormy challenges of life.

Going Vertical is about what lies beyond the natural realm of human experience. It is about the second half of the term Psycho-Spiritual. Spiritual matters really do matter.

I didn’t think much about all of this until my first wife, Jeannie, died from ovarian cancer in 2002. She was 48. We were 16 when we met.
My quest for answers regarding the meaning of life deepened after Jeannie’s passing. That’s when I met Mary.
On our third date Mary asked me to go to church. I went reluctantly, with motives that were not exactly holy. I had no idea at the time, but something was at work that I couldn’t explain. We got married in 2004 and I was baptized the following year. I was 50.
I never saw that coming. Years later, I realized God has an incredible sense of humor and had blessed me abundantly with her. In that, He had taught me what going vertical was all about.

What Going Vertical Offers Leaders: