Diversity and Inclusion Series Part 1: The Power of Learning Your Heart Story

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There is no doubt that societies are more divided and polarized than ever before. So many of us are torn when it comes to dealing with these hate-filled, angry times. While there are so many institutional approaches to tackling issues of diversity and inclusion, today, Kevin wants to offer a different approach; that of learning your heart story. This is the first of a three-part series around diversity and inclusion. By taking a heart-led approach, you have to dig deep within. What is it that your heart is telling you if you are truly willing to listen? Where are your blind spots? Where do you still need to grow, and what are your strengths? Being a great leader means being willing to do some self-reflection, and while this is not easy, it has to be done. We cannot shy away from asking ourselves the difficult questions that will allow us to move forward and be the kind, caring changemakers we need in this world.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Being a great leader starts with doing internal work before anything else.
  • There are so many institutional approaches to tackle diversity and inclusion, but we are starting with a heart solution.
  • Ask yourself questions to interrogate how you view inclusion and diversity.
  • Why Kevin still fundamentally believes that people are inherently good.
  • What Kevin learned about acceptance growing up in a diverse neighborhood.
  • How your heart space links to leadership; you are self-aware and walk the talk.
  • What would happen if we were all ruthlessly honest and kind to ourselves?
  • Kevin’s definition of grace: accepting transgressions of others.
  • What you can do to contribute to making the world a less hateful place.


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