Exercising the Right Kind of Power in the Workplace

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This episode of Sheer Clarity is all about power in the workplace and how it is exerted by different levels of leadership. Whether it is the CEO or a low-level manager, power plays out in relationships and interactions all the time. There is such an array of ways that it can manifest and the main assertion of this discussion is that when we exercise power in the right kind of ways, in aid of those affected by it, it can make a colossal difference compared to when we are negligent, ignorant and abusive. We have all probably been on both sides of this dynamic and while the feeling of being dominated and ignored is not something easy to forget, we need to keep this mind whenever interacting and dealing with power. There is a natural dimension to how power is directed down the chain of command and its diminishing distribution but there is also a universal and cultural aspect to how an organization is led and how it influences all aspects through this. We want to remind you of the positive and enabling dimension to power and encourage you to foster more honey than vinegar in your approach, the results will speak for themselves! For all and a bunch more, be sure to check this episode out!

Key Topics:

  • Customer power and leverage in business and personal negotiations.
  • Negative emotional responses to power that has been wielded over us.
  • Our hosts’ own experiences with negative power and what it feels like to be overpowered.
  • The acknowledgment of power and the people with the most of it.
  • The circular nature of the investment and attitude of a leader.
  • Employee engagement and its dependence on the right kind of power.
  • The power of influencing others in a positive way as a much better alternative.
  • Reactions to interacting with people; the three options.
  • You attract more bees with honey than with vinegar; foster positive engagement.
  • An example of technical power used for the greater good of an organization.

Mentioned in this Episode:

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