Learning to Listen to the Inside Voices

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Today we’re talking about the voices in your head. Right now, they’re probably speaking to you, saying what on earth is he talking about. Doing work on my inner voices has been transformational for me and after listening to this episode, I want you to at least start to be conscious of yours.

Your brain speaks to you through your thoughts. For humans, these thoughts go so many layers deep that sometimes you might not even be aware that they’re there. Do you want to be more in control of your situation and to have the opportunity not to react at the first sign of trouble? As a leader, I want to challenge you to do a better job of listening to those underlying thought streams.

In this episode, Matt and I explore our inner voices and thought streams. We talk about the art of hearing yourself, the Voice Dialogue model, where these inner voices come from, how you can respond to them, why this awareness is important as a leader, why you need to figure out your natural energy patterns, the problem with being unaware of your primary selves, and so much more!

We’re going to continue talking about listening to the inner voice on our next episode. Until then, let us know what discussions you had with your inner voices while listening to this episode. Will it change how you lead and interact with people on a daily basis? What questions did this raise for you? We look forward to hearing from you.

Key Topics:

  • What the voices in Mathew’s head are saying about his personality assessment (2:15)
  • How your brain speaks to you (3:57)
  • Mathew’s thought streams as we’re recording the show (5:27)
  • The changes to Mathew’s thought streams since receiving his personality assessment (6:02)
  • Developing the art of hearing yourself (7:34)
  • Why you might not even be fully aware of all your thoughts (8:33)
  • How I became familiar with the Voice Dialogue model (9:30)
  • The Voice Dialogue methodology (10:24)
  • The role that your primary selves fulfill (12:34)
  • Having a conversation with yourself about external situations (14:02)
  • The connection between selves and energy (15:42)
  • How our selves are developed (16:38)
  • Measuring preferences through a personality profile (18:03)
  • The two primary sets of voices (19:35)
  • Why primary energies can be so tiring (20:16)
  • Figuring out your natural energy patterns (20:39)
  • The problem with being unaware of your natural energy patterns (21:19)
  • Balancing your opposing selves (22:52)
  • And much more!

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