Managing Your Internal Head Space

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In our last episode, we started to explore how our brains talk to us through our inner voices.

Now we’re shifting gears and looking at the practical side of things and what you can do to manage your headspace as a leader.

To be a super leader by attraction, you have to exhibit a level of calm and control that causes people to have confidence in you. And that outward expression of being present and engaged only comes from emotional intelligence developed through reflection and self-awareness. By doing the inner work to understand yourself, you can work on your weaknesses and ultimately become a stronger leader overall.

In this episode, Mathew and I discuss how to develop your awareness of your primary and disowned selves. We talk about why managing your headspace is a necessary leadership skill, how our fast-paced lives conflict with the need for quiet reflection, the consequences of not exploring your inner voices, how our sub-personalities are developed, and so much more!

If these discussions have triggered something inside of you, we want to know. We’d love for you to share your experiences with us and let us know how you manage your head space. Did you try the exercises we shared in this episode? Have you discovered anything about yourself that you weren’t aware of? We look forward to hearing from you.

Key Topics:

  • Why leaders need a high level of self-awareness (1:01)
  • Mathew’s key takeaways from our first episode about the inner voices (5:21)
  • How the fast pace of our lives makes it hard to be reflective (6:37)
  • The surprising impact of 5 minutes of quiet time (9:16)
  • Why you should make an appointment with yourself this week (10:00)
  • The consequences of not exploring your inner voices (11:52)
  • Giving yourself and others the gift of quiet time (13:13)
  • The fundamental function of our primary selves (14:19)
  • How your childhood impacted the development of your primary self system (14:56)
  • Where disowned selves arise from (16:43)
  • What you can learn from being aware of your disowned energy (18:03)
  • How to identify your disowned self (19:34)
  • The exercise you should do to connect with your inner voices (20:55)
  • And much more!

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