Fast Paced.
Results Oriented.
Learn how to become a leader by attraction.

Within seconds, before words are exchanged, highly intelligent and motivated leaders rely on finely honed instincts that quickly scan and address two critical concerns:
  • To what extent can I trust this person’s competencies, acumen, and experience?
  • To what extent can I trust this person’s integrity, honesty, and transparency?
The warp-speed assessment interchange between individuals and within groups is happening in real time. Even during a conversation about what’s for lunch.
Whether it happens consciously or unconsciously, how the above questions are answered sets the tone and stage for a relationship, whether it’s getting a deal done, or building a strong bond of professional and personal partnership to conquer the world. Effective leaders have cultivated extreme consciousness and appreciation of their own complexity and that of all humans. It’s emotional intelligence at its peak.
My coaching model has 3 core principles to build a meaningful and fulfilling life, both personally and professionally: Trust, Honesty, and Appropriate Vulnerability.
My process is fast-paced and results-oriented, with a goal to lead by attraction. By getting in touch with who you are, how you’re wired and how you move in the world, you will understand and adapt those pieces, and you’ll be attractive to others—you’ll be an attractor who draws people in and inspires them to accelerate their understanding, commitment and success.
Coaching is used by leaders to address a multitude of issues, sometimes one at a time and at other times, simultaneously, as an integrated whole:
  • Developing advanced leadership skill sets. Sharpening your saw.
  • Building your personal leadership brand. Succession planning.
  • Clearly articulating and integrating your personal and professional goals. Resolving where they conflict.
  • Exploring new ways and styles of leading. Discarding what isn’t working and adding ever more refined approaches.
  • Refreshing and renewing personal energy sources.
  • Developing trust and honesty within a leadership team.
  • Leadership transitions—integrating new executives. Integrating acquisitions. Managing the inevitable tensions from culture change.
  • Counsel and support during challenges to the business and/or personal life.
  • Strategic brainstorming about the business, the future, and your role in it.
  • A safe, confidential, and trusted guide to help you navigate life to a place of peace and satisfaction even in the midst of turmoil.
  • Defining your life’s meaning and purpose.
Every coaching project is customized to meet the needs of busy leaders. I’ve completed impactful, full day immersions, to light a fire. I have provided continuous coaching for several clients’ entire C-Suite and senior leadership teams for 10 years or more.
This is the leadership experience I want for you—to arrive at an almost effortless state of attraction that keeps you elevated and energized as you navigate new opportunity after new opportunity. Think about being a leader who effortlessly commands authority, influence and respect, continues to grow, thrive and accelerate with passion, purpose and endless potential. A leader who never stops leading by attraction. You will be recalled as that “leader”, the one who made a positive difference everywhere and in everyone.