Adversity Builds Strength

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Today we visit with Rob Follows.  Rob is the Chairman and CEO of STS Capital Partners.  Rob helps people who are ready to sell their business, giving them the freedom to contribute their time, treasure and talent to make the world a better place.

As leaders, we can create success from challenges in life.  If we view adversity as a friend and teacher, there’s a potential for significant self-understanding.

Listen as Rob shares his stories of adversity and the lessons he learned from it.  He also explains how reflection and meditation are keys to self-understanding, the importance of finding a mentor, and putting a life plan in place.

This idea that life delivers some pain; we tend to want to put it away….and I just think there’s so much to learn by living in the pain, discovering the pain, admitting the pain and ultimately being unfearful about telling the story of the pain

J. Kevin McHugh

Key Topics:

  • Rob gives us an overview of his company, STS Capital Partners
  • The two things that led Rob to look for a mentor and the resulting mental exercise that helped him look forward and create a plan for his life
  • Rob explains how he aligned his life to his end of life objectives
  • Rob explains how adversity built his inner strength leading him to make decisions to define his happiness
  • As a leader, Rob explains how he became unafraid to receive honest feedback
  • How life planning, making a list and putting a 5-year date on it, leads to a focus on self-understanding, improvement, and learning
  • Kevin shares his sheer moments of clarity from his discussion with Rob
  • Rob gives advice to his 23-year-old self

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