Appropriate Vulnerability 2

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In the past couple episodes, we’ve talked about what appropriate vulnerability is, why you need it, how to be vulnerable and how to approach vulnerability as a leader. Now we’re looking at the final element: how to encourage appropriate vulnerability in others.

What does that environment look like? How do you pull it off? What are the benefits to you as a leader? Years of research has shown that the biggest factor that impacts employee engagement is their relationship with their boss. It’s up to you to set the tone in your workplace and show your humanity to your team. Your approach to vulnerability and your willingness to share appropriately with those around you can make or break strong connections. And those connections are crucial to achieving your business goals and becoming a successful leader by attraction.

On today’s episode, we’re exploring how to encourage people in the workplace to be vulnerable with you and key techniques you can use to encourage that vulnerability. Mathew and I share vulnerable moments we had in the past week, how collaborating and vulnerability are intrinsically linked, why you have to walk the talk, the types of questions you should be asking in your business meetings, and so much more!

You’re also going to want to look out for next week’s episode where we’ll be doing a wrap up of the three aspects of the sheer clarity model, trust, honesty, and appropriate vulnerability, and how they fit together to help you on your path to achieving sheer clarity.

Key Topics:

  • How this show is a vulnerability exercise for Mathew and me (2:07)
  • Why co-hosting Sheer Clarity creates additional vulnerability for Mathew (3:17)
  • My two main motivations for creating Sheer Clarity (4:16)
  • How The Halftime Model plays out in our motivations and perspective (5:25)
  • Why collaborating with others requires vulnerability (6:48)
  • Modeling appropriate vulnerability to improve connection within your team (8:34)
  • The huge impact that a leader’s approach has on employees’ feelings toward their work (9:48)
  • The number one factor that affects employee engagement (9:48)
  • Why I like to ask vulnerability-style questions in traditional, goal-oriented business meetings (11:59)
  • How employee concerns can provide important insights (13:14)
  • Why you should be making time for stories in your update meetings (13:47)
  • Mathew shares a happy moment and a sad moment from his week (15:56)
  • I share a moment that made me smile and a moment that made me sad (17:57)
  • The power of vulnerability in bringing together a team (20:21)
  • And much more!

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