Being Grateful and Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving! Before we dive into the show, I want to express my deep appreciation for you. I am thankful for you plugging in and spending time with us, week after week. The idea that there are people actually listening and caring about our content and maybe taking away stuff that we share and using it to better their lives is something I am very grateful for. Thank you!

Key Topics:
Mathew’s Thanksgiving traditions (1:27)
My evolving Thanksgiving experience with my blended family (1:58)
The impact of the vegans and vegetarians in our families on the Thanksgiving table (3:53)
The inevitable culture clash when families or companies are blended (5:15)
Why I’m so thankful for our listeners (8:20)
How corporate environments make it hard to remember to give thanks (9:35)
Mathew’s experience with gratitude in the corporate world and his business (10:16)
How busyness stifles gratitude (11:40)
What you can do to stop a bad mood in its tracks (13:38)
The tangible impact of a smile (15:28)
How I use gratitude as a tool for my corporate clients (16:04)
Why you should make a gratitude list before you get re-engaged with work (18:08)
Reframing forgiveness is a key attribute and quality for leaders (19:02)
And much more!
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