The Layers of Leadership

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My latest episode of is all about the importance of integrating our personal and professional leadership lives. I couldn’t have a better guest than Brian Hayward, a man with way above average emotional intelligence and a keen, articulate understanding of human complexities. Brian has lived a winding life filled with pivots, pain points, and success moments in business. He shares his wisdom learned in his new book, The Great Chair, where he explores the secret sauce of authentic board governance. It’s a great tale of the power structure and nuance that sits behind the scenes of all major corporations.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An intro into Brian and the many things with which he fills his time.
  • The value of the ‘churn factor’ of conversation for processing information.
  • The importance of pondering things, especially in today’s culture of instantaneity.
  • The winding path of Brian’s career and how his childhood and talents informed his decisions.
  • Skills Brian learned about problem-solving by always having to do things himself.
  • Investments Brian is making and his love for working with young people and giving back.
  • The dark side of being solitary; being driven by fear, self-consciousness, and survival.
  • An inspiring quote about taking leaps of faith by Rabindranath Tagore.
  • The value of being rather than doing, and how this fits into progress.
  • Our obsession with achievements and Brian’s habit of finding joy by being present.
  • Brian’s studies into the dynamics of what makes great board meetings.
  • Leadership by attraction and the role of trust in effective leadership.
  • The need to be authentic and human with each other for building trust.
  • How betraying loved ones leaves deep scars.
  • Exploring the idea that ‘a problem shared is a problem cut in half.’
  • The lessons about community-based leadership to be found in Brian’s book.
  • Advice Brian would give to his 23-year-old self about worrying less.


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