Compassion in Crisis

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As always, thank you for listening! To hear more great stories lessons on leadership, life, and compassion for yourself and others in the workplace, join us on next week’s episode. What has your experience been with compassion in the workplace? Are you open with your team? Have you had to handle a situation with a team member whose productivity suffered? Let us know – we love hearing from you.

Key Topics:

  • How you can benefit from learning about compassion in a crisis (2:32)
  • The significance of good relationships during a crisis (3:44)
  • Why a culture of caring starts at the top (4:41)
  • The questions leaders ask themselves as leaders during a personal crisis (6:52)
  • Mathew’s dilemma as a business owner (8:29)
  • How to be honest with yourself about your crisis readiness (9:39)
  • What the military can teach us about leadership at all levels (11:37)
  • Figuring out whether you have open and honest relationships in the workplace (12:56)
  • Walking the fine line between compassion and the need for productivity (14:46)
  • The real cost of compassion (16:27)
  • Why high performers find it difficult to be vulnerable (18:09)
  • The incredible compassion I experienced during a significant personal crisis (19:22)
  • And much more!

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