The Central Role of Relationships for a Great Leader

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There does not have to be a disparity between the calling of success in business, and a passion-driven, divinely inspired pursuit of meaning. These things can culminate by allowing a fulfilling career in business to serve others and spread positivity and empowerment through the work. Dale Dawson joins us on the show today to share his story in business and non-governmental projects that have landed him as the Founder and CEO of Bridge2Rwanda, a powerful organization that is helping young Rwandans, travel and learn before returning to their country to enrich its fabric and economy.

One of the most beautiful messages that Dale shares is about living in uncertainty. He believes that uncertainty is not something we should run away from, but rather we should attempt to live with more of it in our lives. When we pursue passions in a less fearful way we end up in a more connected realm where we are really able to take the focus away from ourselves and serve those around us. We also talk about Dale’s father, his own personal leadership style, the power of friendship building, and much more. So make sure to listen in with us on the Sheer Clarity Podcast today!

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