Developing Your Humility as a Leader

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Last week we broke down what humility is and if it was possible to have humility while being a big personality with a high-profile name. At first glance, it seems like a paradox, but we came away from that discussion realizing that it was possible through self-awareness. This week, we’re diving in even deeper to help you develop this virtue in yourself as you continue on the path to sheer clarity.

As we continue our discussion about humility, we want to understand not only whether it is something that can be learned, but also, if it is, the best way to do so. How does someone ruled by ego move to the opposite end of the spectrum, where they become the consummate leader by attraction by embracing their humility? Stick with me here: I strongly believe that transition doesn’t start without a belief in a higher power.

On this episode, Mathew and I explore what we mean by a “higher power” and the key areas you need to master to develop your humility as a leader. We talk about why pride and ego can’t live alongside humility, why you need to negate the negatives of your personality, how to handle a boss who lacks humility, how to leap from the limelight, and so much more!

Do you think humility can be learned? We’d love to hear your experiences with humility and leaders who you’ve seen in your career transition into being humble leaders by attraction. What were these leaders like before transitioning, and what behaviors did they exhibit afterward? We’re excited to hear your thoughts.

Key Topics:

  • Mathew’s biggest takeaway about having humility while being a big personality (2:29)
  • Why I believe humility doesn’t work without a higher power (4:19)
  • My definition of a higher power (4:52)
  • Why taking a step back from your problems can help you to embrace humility (8:00)
  • How painful life experiences can teach us humility (8:48)
  • Viewing humility as a voluntary surrender of ego (10:16)
  • Learning humility by negating the negatives of our personalities (11:37)
  • Why you need to offset your ego with empathy (13:41)
  • The first steps you can take to learn humility (15:00)
  • How I get through to clients with a lack of self-awareness (16:39)
  • Can you help someone oblivious to their lack of humility? (18:18)
  • What I recommend to people working with ego-driven leaders (18:44)
  • Why being in the limelight can be an obstacle on the path to humility (21:37)
  • How to grow a brand beyond the person who created it (22:17)
  • And much more! 

Mentioned in ths Episode:

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