Honesty Part 1: Deep Self-Reflection

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As a leader by attraction, sheer clarity is about becoming crystal about every aspect of yourself, your goals, your business, and understanding others. To achieve that, you’ll need to master all three elements of the sheer clarity model – trust, honesty and appropriate vulnerability.

For the past two weeks, we’ve been looking at trust and all its components. Today, we’re moving on to the next leg: honesty. An important part of self-honesty is purposeful deep self-reflection and self-curiosity. But how do you find the time for that in the midst of a busy life? Can it really fit in with our constantly connected work culture?

On today’s episode, Mathew and I cover what self-honesty means in the context of work and how it relates to your development as a leader. We also discuss why you should talk to yourself, the importance of admitting hard truths, why there’s always time for self-reflection, how we self-sabotage by being tied to our devices, how to manage the skills that both help and harm you, and so much more!

You’re also going to want to look out for next week’s episode where we’ll be talking about the next component of honesty: being honest with others.    

Key Topics:

  • Why I trusted Mathew to be the right person to bring this podcast together (2:15)
  • The role of honesty in achieving sheer clarity (3:37)
  • How being connected with yourself creates the foundation of self-honesty (4:41)
  • Why you should talk to yourself (5:20)
  • What is emotional intelligence? (7:39)
  • How the layers of the emotional intelligence pyramid are connected (7:27)
  • The importance of self-reflection (8:26)
  • Why you should find time every day to be alone with your thoughts (9:31)
  • The negative impact of unhealthy relationships with devices (10:48)
  • The non-negotiable daily practice you need to start today (12:00)
  • How to make the most of your self-reflection time (12:26)
  • What to ask yourself when there’s a problem in a relationship (13:26)
  • Mathew shares his struggle with finding time for self-reflection (14:42)
  • The double-edged sword of “shoulding” (15:14)
  • Using curiosity to build self-honesty (16:09)
  • My debate with my son about the importance of asking yourself deep questions (17:37)
  • Recognizing that the same skills that bring you success can also bring tension in other areas of your life (17:58)
  • Figuring out whether you are being honest with yourself (19:50)
  • Why I’m such a big fan of Byron Katie and The Work (21:57)
  • And much more!

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