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Today’s episode is a little different than my recent interviews – we’re coming to you from the other side of the entrepreneurial journey.

Where most of my previous guests have been around the halftime of their lives, Chris Bello is still in the first half of the game and looking to the future. I connected with Chris on his podcast and wanted to bring him onto my show so you could share in his insights and generosity.

Chris Bello is a realtor, podcaster, and entrepreneur and at his young age is pondering questions I’m still working through with many CEOs in their 50s and 60s. One of the things I love about Chris is his drive for deeper self-awareness and self-reflection, both of which are integral parts of the journey to sheer clarity and markers of a true leader by attraction.

In this episode, Chris and I talk about how he went from working in his dream job to thinking outside the cubicle and working for himself, what it means to create a company culture that’s attractive to millennials, why it’s important to find your purpose beyond the money, how selfless service brings success, and so much more!

Key Topics:

  • Why I wanted to interview Chris for the show (1:39)
  • What makes a millennial? (2:40)
  • The characteristics of people with the “performer gene” (3:35)
  • Chris’s early journey along a conventional school-to-job path (4:26)
  • Why Chris left his dream job to work for himself (5:13)
  • Thinking of yourself as an independent contractor (6:51)
  • The need to be in control of our destiny (7:55)
  • Why Chris’ thinking on work started to shift (8:55)
  • What Chris learned from behavioral assessments (9:50)
  • Tackling impulsiveness and shiny object syndrome (10:47)
  • How self-awareness helps you to achieve clarity (12:01)
  • The wide range of priorities and goals within the millennial generation (13:51)
  • Creating a company culture that’s attractive and motivational for the under-35s (16:26)
  • Placing value on productivity instead of time spent (19:06)
  • Why you might need to develop better performance metrics (20:36)
  • How Chris’ conversations have changed since becoming an entrepreneur (24:29)
  • Finding your purpose beyond the money (26:01)
  • How Chris thinks about his purpose (27:22)
  • A reminder not to wait to ask yourself the deep questions about life (28:43)
  • Chris’ North Star (31:48)
  • Reframing sales as an act of helping (32:42)
  • Why you should let the sense of helping others be your guide (34:49)
  • Breaking the stigma around counseling (36:39)
  • The microwave mentality (39:00)
  • The alarming decline in empathy in younger generations (40:06)
  • Finding empathy as a high performer (41:55)
  • What Chris would like to be saying about his life at 50 (43:32)
  • What it means to make a difference (44:54)
  • And much more!

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