No Time To Care

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Picture this: You know how valuable it is for people to care about each other, so you organized a team-building retreat. The retreat is a success but within a few weeks of returning to work it all fades away and it’s back to the status quo. What happened?

Most work environments are completely counter to this idea of peace, patience, and kindness. The incredibly fast-paced nature of the corporate world has us focused on productivity and performance metrics and in all likelihood, there is no time being carved out for reconnection. So how can you make the shift towards compassion and support?

In this episode, Mathew and I explore why you should create a culture of caring. We discuss how most corporate environments inherently displace kindness and caring, our biases about spending time connecting, why leaders should care about their teams, how you can start to walk the talk and lead your team into openness, and so much more!

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Key Topics:

  • Why being in touch with yourself is critical for leaders (3:15)
  • How your workplace culture counteracts the progress you make on retreats (6:31)
  • The effect of the super-fast corporate pace on kindness and sensitivity (8:38)
  • The problem with our approach to time-wasting (9:33)
  • How you can implement reconnection time in your organization (11:34)
  • Why should you make time to care? (13:12)
  • Mathew’s experience with developing personal relationships with his team (14:45)
  • What happens to leaders who fundamentally do not care (17:21)
  • The steps you can take to foster a culture of caring (18:25)
  • Your role as a leader in normalizing vulnerability (20:21)
  • Why you need to nurture relationships of caring (21:00)
  • And much more!

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