Nurturing Relationships and the Impact of a Father’s Lessons

Neal Sherman is the Founder and President of TAGeX Brands, a company that liquidates restaurant equipment and other unused assets. Neal formed the company more than 30 years ago after seeing a lot of restaurant operators getting stuck without a paddle when it was time for them to shut down their businesses.

Neal not only focuses on liquidation of assets but also the redeployment of assets and keeping equipment, furniture, and fixtures in the food industry out of landfills. He helps keep the world a little greener and he also helps people from the restaurant and food service deal with closures, remodels, and the corresponding equipment that comes into the market. 

Neal has also built a marketplace called RestaurantEquipment.Bid, which is an auction platform for unused restaurant equipment.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • What Neal focuses on everyday in his line of business
  • How Neal got into the restaurant equipment liquidation business
  • Kevin discusses the importance of being self-aware and focusing on being a leader by attraction
  • What Neal learned from his father’s work ethic and the critical nature of relationships
  • The 3 things Kevin has learnt from Neal’s childhood
  • Neal’s take on whether being a great leader and relationship-oriented person can be learned
  • Why inner peace is necessary in order to be able to truly help and serve other people
  • Neal’s advice to his younger self
  • Where to learn more about Neal’s TaGeX Brands and  restaurant equipment businesses

In this episode…

Whenever a restaurant or any other business in the food industry decides to close shop and shut down it’s business operations, one of the most stressful things for the owners tends to be the disposal of their store equipment. This, on top of the paperwork and letting go of their employees can give anyone a headache.

Neal Sherman worked in the food industry more than 30 years ago and it was there that he came to find out about this particular dilemma that restaurant owners often go through when it’s time to close shop. What should they do with all of their unused equipment? He took it upon himself to help these people and thus TAGeX Brands was born.

In this episode, Kevin McHugh is joined by Neal Sherman to talk about how he got into the business of liquidating restaurant equipment and what he focuses on in his line of business. Neal also shares his advice for nurturing great relationships and the importance of having inner peace in order to serve others. Stay tuned.

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They work with founding entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives, and closely-held family businesses of every size and shape. They have helped these entities develop and integrate trust, honesty, and a certain sense of vulnerability into their organizations.

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