Releasing Your Past and Leading with Love with Teresa Lindsey

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Episode 56: Show Notes.

Dealing with things that have happened in your past is not always easy, and the process is often viewed as weak. But what if, instead of toughening up, we chose to soften, sit with what we felt, and carry forward what serves us? Then, rather than being weighed down and shamed by our pasts, we know our heart story and can begin to more clearly see what is in other people’s hearts too. Today’s guest, Teresa Lindsey, CEO of Channel Products, a gas ignition components company, joins us to share her inspirational story of going within. We hear about what her younger years were like growing up in a state of poverty, and she shares both the hardships and joys from this time. We talk about how she views her past and how she has managed to let go of feelings of shame and unworthiness, and realize that she is capable and deserving of more. Teresa believes in leading with love, and she sheds light on her leadership style, the importance of executives showing true vulnerability, and how we can look at our teams differently. Teresa’s story and her approach to life are incredibly inspiring and well worth a listen, so be sure to tune in today.

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