The Positive Side of Feedback

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This week we’re back with Part 2 on the topic of feedback. Now that we’ve gotten clear on the philosophy of feedback, we’re drilling down into the first of the two dimensions of feedback: positive feedback.

Being a part of a high-performing team means that there’s a constant expectation of growth, improvement, and positive results. With that focus on performance, we’re often too busy to stop and give positive feedback. So in becoming the consummate leader by attraction, why should you prioritize positive feedback? What does it look like in the corporate context? How do you give genuine, positive feedback?

On this episode, Mathew and I explore the many facets of positive feedback and why it’s such an important aspect of good leadership. We discuss the three key elements of positive feedback, why it’s difficult to get positive feedback as a CEO, how you can train yourself to give more positive feedback, the huge benefits of positive feedback on your team, and so much more!

Next week we’ll be looking at the second dimension of feedback: negative feedback. You’ll hear about how to provide it, how to think about it, how to approach it and how to receive it. Until then, as always, we’d love to hear from you! What has your experience been with giving and receiving feedback? Will you be training yourself to give more positive feedback? What other areas would you want to hear about from us? Send us your comments and experiences by email or through the form on our home page.

Key Topics:

  • Mathew’s biggest takeaway from last week’s discussion about feedback (3:34)
  • How I define positive feedback (5:26)
  • The neurological impact of affirmation (6:10)
  • The benefits of reinforcement through positive feedback (7:07)
  • Utilizing positive feedback as a source of motivation (7:45)
  • The most recent truly positive feedback Mathew received (9:13)
  • Why feedback is important at all levels of an organization (10:24)
  • The one-sided feedback that’s commonplace on Wall Street (11:14)
  • The drawbacks of high-performance teams (12:51)
  • How to train yourself to give positive feedback (15:01)
  • Why you might not be ready to give positive feedback (17:36)
  • Why giving positive feedback is often more challenging than giving negative feedback (18:31)
  • How you can make a lasting impact on your team members’ lives (20:16)
  • And much more!

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