Being Transparent and Owning Your Mistakes

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Lisa Stein is the Founder and CEO of Revolutions Inc. She is a tech entrepreneur from Columbus, Ohio who previously worked in an industrial design firm and Cardinal Health.  Lisa also founded a software company that was called ORIS Intelligence which was purchased in July last year by PriceSpider. 

Here is a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [01:19] Kevin McHugh introduces his guest, Lisa Stein
  • [02:38] Lisa talks about her company, what she does, and what keeps her focused 
  • [06:09] Lisa reminisces on her childhood and her family’s entrepreneurial background
  • [08:29] How growing up with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) child with a supportive family worked to Lisa’s benefit
  • [10:26] Lisa shares what she learned from working for companies and how this helped ignite her entrepreneurial side
  • [11:58] Lisa’s first entrepreneurial venture and her first mentor as a budding entrepreneur
  • [12:51] The value of a mentor and learning from others before embarking on entrepreneurship
  • [15:47] Why the fear of failure will always exist and what you can learn from the inevitable experience with it
  • [19:04] What Lisa has learned about leading people and why there is no downside to transparency and in owning up to your own mistakes
  • [20:12] How being a woman in her 50s has helped Lisa expand her self awareness and her ability to accept her own shortcomings
  • [22:53] Lisa looks back at experiencing being fired and what she was learned from that moment
  • [24:56] Lisa  and Kevin talk about receiving negative feedback and how you can see it in a positive note
  • [27:24] The value of having effective and consistent communication when working and managing a remote team
  • [32:45] The importance of institutionalizing the company’s value system and having every person in the team on board
  • [34:31] Kevin and Lisa talk about the imposter syndrome and how it can affect you more than it can affect your team
  • [36:22] How being optimistic about your chances of winning and working with people with collaborative energy is a recipe for success
  • [37:55] Kevin shares his takeaways from the book Good to Great
  • [39:54] Lisa talks about what it’s like running a generational family business
  • [42:47] Kevin’s summary of sheer clarity moments from this episode
  • [44:18] Lisa’s advice to her younger self: Worry less about what other people think and don’t assume that people’s behavior has anything to do with you
  • [46:05] Where to learn more about Lisa’s companies

In this episode…

Being a leader is a tough job, but learning how to accept that your team might be failing because of you is an even tougher pill to swallow. But this comes with the territory, and learning how you can improve things to make everything work better for everyone is crucial in bringing your company to a pinnacle of success. Lisa Stein is the CEO of Revolutions Inc., the largest retailer of durable medical equipment in the US. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs and she has been exposed to the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life from an early age. And Lisa has so many things to share with budding and established entrepreneurs alike when it comes to business. On this episode of Sheer Clarity, J. Kevin McHugh talks to Lisa about what it was like growing up within such a vibrant entrepreneurial environment, and how this shaped her view of what it means to be an entrepreneur. They also talk about the value of efficient and consistent communication when working with a remote team, why it’s important to remain transparent and open as a leader, and how self-awareness helps you become the best version of yourself. Stay tuned.

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They work with founding entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives, and closely-held family businesses of every size and shape. They have helped these entities develop and integrate trust, honesty, and a certain sense of vulnerability into their organizations.

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