Top 5 Themes of Sheer Clarity in 2019

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Happy New Year! Around this time of year you’re bound to be getting a lot of countdowns and “Best of” lists so we thought, let’s join the party. Following the conventions, we’re giving you the top five themes of Sheer Clarity in 2019. As a bonus, we’re also sharing a sneak peek at how the show is going to evolve in 2020 and the exciting changes we have in store for you.

In this episode, Mathew and I share the most popular themes from the show in 2019 and discuss our takeaways. We talk about how to go beyond a simple apology, using the 24-hour rule for handling tension, the connection between self-honesty and self-reflection, the importance of quiet time, how vulnerability can help you in the battle with imposter syndrome, the New Year’s resolutions you need to make, and so much more!

Thank you so much to everybody who is taking part in this adventure with us of Sheer Clarity. We would love your feedback on what we’ve been doing and what you’d like to hear from us in 2020. All of your support and feedback so far has been phenomenal and we know we can’t do without you.

Key Topics:

  • Exciting changes in store for the podcast in 2020 (1:28)
  • A sneak peek at the first guest who will be interviewed on the show (1:45)
  • Top Theme #5: Appropriate vulnerability (4:01)
  • Hitting the ceiling as an entrepreneur (6:01)
  • The signature moment from a vulnerability session I recently led (6:18)
  • How to go beyond simply saying you’re sorry (7:07)
  • Using the 24-hour rule for handling tension in an important relationship (7:45)
  • How Mathew benefitted from using the 24-hour rule (9:16)
  • The additional step you can use to gain clarity before talking to the other party (9:48)
  • Top Theme #4: Honesty (11:44)
  • The connection between self-honesty and self-reflection (12:12)
  • How a lack of self-honesty can contribute to conflicts with your team (14:28)
  • The significance of sitting in silence (15:33)
  • Top Theme #3: How Will You Measure Your Life? (17:23)
  • Finding a work-life balance (18:41)
  • Why I have people deliver their eulogy from three perspectives (21:15)
  • Top Theme #2: Battling Imposter Syndrome (22:33)
  • Why CEOs of closely-held businesses are so susceptible to imposter syndrome (23:30)
  • Embracing the doubt with humility (24:41)
  • How vulnerability can help you in the battle with imposter syndrome (25:06)
  • Mathew’s experience with overcoming his imposter syndrome (27:01)
  • My experience with imposter syndrome as a board member (28:17)
  • Top Theme #1: Trust (30:35)
  • The difference between a workgroup and a team (31:45)
  • The hard truth about how to resolve the issue of team members who can’t trust each other (33:40)
  • The New Year’s resolutions that will help you start strong in 2020 (36:51)
  • And much more!

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