Trust Part 1: Characteristics of a Trusting Relationship

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Trust Chart - Sheer ClarityWelcome back to Sheer Clarity! Today’s show is all about the first leg of the sheer clarity stool: trust.

As you continue on the path to becoming a leader by attraction, trust is one of the essential components you’ll have to master in order to build a high-performing team and get the support you need from cross-functional departments. And before that, you’ll need to demonstrate to potential employers that you are the person to trust.

We all have an idea of what a trusting relationship looks like in our personal lives but how does this translate to the workplace? And how does it relate to competence and character? On today’s episode, Mathew and I break trust down to its core components. We’ll share an overview of trust and do a deep dive into the first leg of the trust tree: competence.

We cover the characteristics of a trusting relationship, how you can apply the components of trust to the hiring process, how to develop a trusting relationship in a professional setting, why you should place integrity above all other characteristics, how to demonstrate competence in an interview and so much more!

You’ll also hear us referring to my Trust Chart a lot. Make sure to download your free copy here..

Key Topics:

  • The three dimensions of sheer clarity (2:29)
  • What a trusting relationship looks like and its characteristics (3:26)
  • Why I emphasize the need for reciprocity in developing trust (4:17)
  • Mathew’s thoughts on what trust means (4:53)
  • How my Trust Chart breaks down the concept of trust into two main components (5:39)
  • Applying competence and character to the hiring process (7:44)
  • What we can learn from Warren Buffett about hiring the right people (8:09)
  • Why intelligence and ambition don’t mean anything without integrity (9:35)
  • The relationship between results and capability as the main factors of competence (11:25)
  • Mathew’s experience and difficulties with finding people he trusts as he grows his team (14:03)
  • My recommendations to jobseekers for applying the components of the Trust Chart to the application and interview process (16:08)
  • How proving yourself to an employer builds up both equity and trust (19:09)
  • The obstacles created when employers don’t clearly define a role before hiring (21:04)
  • How to use the Trust Chart to get super clear with a potential employer about the job and its competency requirements (21:20)
  • Why I deny my clients the right to use the term team (22:19)
  • The role of caring and trusting as elements of a team (23:14)
  • And much more!

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