Trust Part 2: The Character to Command Trust

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Trust Chart - Sheer ClarityLast week we started the conversation about the first leg of the sheer clarity stool, trust, and the first of its two components, competence. Today we’re continuing that discussion with a look at the second component. Character.

Being a leader by attraction means that everything about you makes people feel drawn to you. They’ll listen to what you have to say and know that you care. When you have that, your team will do anything they can to make something happen for you and achieving that level of connection means honing every aspect of yourself to become a better leader who is worthy of that trust.

On today’s episode, Mathew and I explore why we make character assessments in the first place and what factors affect these often-subconscious judgments. We talk about the role of intuition and self-preservation in assessing character, why you should be paying attention to how your energy is affected by other people, the role of trust and character in making business deals, the power of eye contact, and so much more!

You’ll also hear us referring to my Trust Chart a lot. Make sure to download your free copy.

You’re also going to want to look out for next week’s episode where we’ll be moving on to the second leg of the sheer clarity stool, honesty.

Key Topics:

  • The three dimensions of sheer clarity (2:29)
  • What a trusting relationship looks like and its characteristics (3:26)
  • Why I emphasize the need for reciprocity in developing trust (4:17)
  • Mathew’s thoughts on what trust means (4:53)
  • How my Trust Chart breaks down the concept of trust into two main components (5:39)
  • Applying competence and character to the hiring process (7:44)
  • What we can learn from Warren Buffett about hiring the right people (8:09)
  • Why intelligence and ambition don’t mean anything without integrity (9:35)
  • The relationship between results and capability as the main factors of competence (11:25)
  • Mathew’s experience and difficulties with finding people he trusts as he grows his team (14:03)
  • My recommendations to jobseekers for applying the components of the Trust Chart to the application and interview process (16:08)
  • How proving yourself to an employer builds up both equity and trust (19:09)
  • The obstacles created when employers don’t clearly define a role before hiring (21:04)
  • How to use the Trust Chart to get super clear with a potential employer about the job and its competency requirements (21:20)
  • Why I deny my clients the right to use the term team (22:19)
  • The role of caring and trusting as elements of a team (23:14)
  • And much more!

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