Unlocking Employee Potential

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In business, it’s important to not only make sure your executives, directors, and managers have the skills to lead, but it’s also crucial to help your employees unlock their own potential.  Ryan Niles is the CEO of Niles Industrial Coatings and Niles Plant Services. It’s his purpose to help his employees be the best they can be in all facets of their lives.

In this episode, we discuss how launching the DISC assessment with all of his employees helped Ryan develop his team to unlock their potential, improve their safety record, productivity, and hiring practices. Ryan opens up to Kevin McHugh about his moments of sheer clarity as a leader, the values and characteristics he believes have helped him in his own journey and advice about tackling change and learning to trust.

For me, our company’s purpose is really just unlocking people’s potential. Every day I wake up and I say, “What can I do to create better leaders?

Key Topics:

  • Ryan talks about his two companies and what his focus and purpose is for his employees
  • Ryan explains his approach to getting to know each of his employees
  • The response from Ryan’s employees when he launched the DISC assessment, what they’ve learned and the benefits they’ve seen
  • Ryan talks about the lessons and challenges he had growing up and how he used those to be successful in life
  • How encouraging employees to try new things and not be scared to make mistakes has resulted in success for the company
  • Steps to take if you feel you have a crappy boss
  • Change is hard!  How to push through the fear
  • Ryan discusses values he learned from his  father and uncle
  • The biggest people lesson Ryan has learned
  • Kevin goes over his moments of sheer clarity during this interview
  • Ryan’s advice to his younger self

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