Leading from a Place of Love

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We often think being a leader means you have to do it all, but this is not true. Your main role as a leader is to connect with your people, and in doing so, you will bring out the best in them. Walt Rakowich is the former CEO of Prologis, a New York Stock Exchange company and a member of the S&P 500. He is now a member of the Board of Trustees, has made countless media appearances and is also the author of the book Transfluence: How to Lead with Transformative Influence in Today’s Climates of Change.

In this episode, Walt talks about his early years and the impact of growing up in a loving household. Having parents that were devoted to others instilled in him the value of true leadership early on. We hear about what often goes wrong with leaders when pride and fear of vulnerability get in the way. As someone who is always willing to learn and grow, Walt hired an executive coach and shares the story of how it transformed him as a leader. We touch on the value of accountability and gain insights into the main themes of Walt’s book. Tune in to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Walt spends his time after retiring.
  • What Walt’s life was like growing up and the influential role his parents had on him.
  • The lessons that Walt learned from his first job after his MBA.
  • Walt weighs in on whether he thinks people can be taught to lead with love.
  • A story of someone Walt worked with who changed their leadership style to be more loving.
  • The difference between authentic and hubristic pride.
  • How the fear of being vulnerable can manifest in leaders and the way this makes them behave.
  • What Walt learned when he hired a coach and how he became more empathetic.
  • The value Walt sees in coaching and its transformational ability.
  • Leadership is not about doing all of the work yourself; it is about connecting with people.
  • What Walt would say to his 23-year-old self.
  • The most important quality Walt believes that all loving leaders should have.
  • Where you can go to learn more about Walt’s book, Transfluence.

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