We Learn Best Through Painful Failure

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Dave Maney is a national economic and financial writer and commentator. He’s also the executive chair and co-founder of Deke Digital, a digital media company that combines their deep knowledge of industry segments and their understanding of the ever-changing media landscape. Deke Digital uses knowledge and experience of the complex world of digital marketing to create innovative and highly effective marketing programs and solutions.

Dave has written a number of publications and columns for national publications, and he’s frequently seen on and is a commentator on Fox Business, as well as on CNBC, Fox News, and CNN. Are you somebody who already owns a business but feel like it’s time to bring things up a notch? Do you have any idea on where to start? Do you even have the guts to do what it takes to take that risk for your business? What are those risks anyway? For Dave Maney, these are the things you need to think of the moment you decide that you’re ready to step up your business A game and bring things to a whole new level. And this, he says, is where his team can help you best. Dave Maney is the executive chair and co-founder of Deke Digital, a digital marketing company. Their company thrives on the success stories that they have made for their clients who are primarily dynamic financial services and healthcare organizations through their expert media marketing services. In this episode, Kevin talks to Dave about identifying the best role you can play in your own business, recognizing the necessary risks you need to make, and the importance of knowing yourself in order to have the confidence to do what needs to be done. Stay tuned.

Key Topics:

  • [02:20] Kevin introduces his guest, Dave Maney
  • [03:40] Dave Maney talks about Deke Digital
  • [05:54] Dave talks about his early entrepreneurial experiences that culminated into the beginnings of Deke Digital
  • [11:05] What is the real essence of the mission statement of Dave’s company
  • [15:57] The truth about the value of sharing your knowledge
  • [21:14] Why you need to zero in on the role that you are going to play in your business
  • [23:56] Dave talks about how we all learn best through painful failure
  • [28:41] Dave shares why you cannot fail if you’re doing something that you truly love
  • [32:31] Dave talks about the bridging moment or the risk you take in letting somebody else do a job that you usually do
  • [35:58] Identifying what risk means to you and what you can get from it
  • [40:27] Why knowing yourself can give you the confidence to take the risks that your business needs you to do
  • [46:34] What advice would Dave give to his younger self?

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