What Does “Leadership by Attraction” Mean?

Kevin McHugh is the President of JKM Management Development, a management consulting firm specializing in increasing organizational performance and coaching business leaders to develop emotional awareness, conflict resolution capabilities, and maximize executive effectiveness. 

Over the past twenty years, Kevin has traveled the world facilitating retreats and off-sites within North America, South Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

McHugh has also served as an executive coach to hundreds of CEOs, helping them to improve their personal and professional leadership competencies. His clients include: American Funds Distributors, Anthem, Estée Lauder, Parker Hannifin, Sprint-Nextel, The Entrepreneurs’ Organization, CEO Roundtable, and Vistage.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [02:47] Kevin explains what leadership by attraction means
  • [04:14] How to cultivate and develop the ability to practice leadership by attraction
  • [09:07] Kevin talks about the emotional intelligence pyramid and the role it plays in leadership
  • [10:57] What self management or self-regulation means and what it involves
  • [13:35] Why time and curiosity are important  for leaders who want to practice in self-management
  • [16:30] Roadblocks that Kevin faces when helping leaders to overcome their insecurities
  • [18:34] How leadership by attraction works and why it’s considered as a lifelong journey

In this episode…

Some people are natural born leaders and that’s great. But leadership is something that can be cultivated and developed, especially when you’re looking to practice leadership by attraction. And for Kevin McHugh, there are steps that you can take to become the leader that will inspire the people who are set to follow you.

In this episode, J. Kevin McHugh is interviewed by John Corcoran of Rise25 where they discuss what leadership by attraction means, how the emotional intelligence pyramid plays a role in leadership, and the challenges that leaders and CEOs face as they try to work on their own brand of leadership. Stay tuned.

Sponsor for this episode…

JKM Management Development was developed by J. Kevin McHugh himself in 1990. They provide executive life and leadership coaching and the development of leadership teams that operate with extreme trust and honesty-based on the Sheer Clarity principles.

They work with founding entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives, and closely-held family businesses of every size and shape. They have helped these entities develop and integrate trust, honesty, and a certain sense of vulnerability into their organizations.

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