Why Leaders Must Move from Push to Pull Leadership

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Toby LaVigne is the CEO of CleanMark Labels, a multinational label manufacturer headquartered in the pacific northwest. He and his team strive to live the word of God in everything they do in order to succeed not just as a business but to make prosperity possible for everyone involved. Toby feels a deep responsibility to help everyone he can in their hunt for purpose. 

Here is a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:51] Kevin introduces his guest, Toby LaVigne
  • [3:41] Toby talks about pursuing his passion and being a CEO
  • [4:40] What it was like for Toby growing up and finding purpose
  • [7:35] Leadership: What’s the notion of push and pull?
  • [13:22] Toby talks about when he learned there is a better leadership approach than the push system
  • [16:38] Why the push leadership approach fails in the long run
  • [17:55] The importance of pull leadership to your business
  • [22:30] How to begin your transition from pull to push leadership
  • [24:37] Why business leaders resist the transition to pull
  • [26:39] Toby shares insight about the identity crisis stopping leaders from changing their old beliefs and behaviors. 
  • [31:09] How to reprogram yourself to get over your identity fear
  • [36:51] Moments of sheer clarity
  • [40:21] Toby’s growth advice for young adults

In this episode…

We’ve all been conditioned from when we were kids to learn that the world is about pushing towards a goal getters and getting rewarded. But what we fail to realize early on is that people who have that go ‘get’em’ attitude often exude a repelling force or energy. And for Toby LaVigne, that force stagnates growth and makes it hard for people to be attracted to you at some point. So you have to shift from a push to a pull approach.  Toby is the CEO of CleanMark Labels, a multinational label manufacturer headquartered in the pacific northwest. His vision for his role is a deep responsibility to help everyone he can on their hunt for purpose so that together they can make the next American dream possible.  In this episode, Toby talks to Kevin McHugh about how making the transition from push to pull requires some serious rewiring of your underlying belief system, shifting your old beliefs to new beliefs, and eventually changing old behaviors into new ones. Stay tuned.

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They work with founding entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives, and closely-held family businesses of every size and shape. They have helped these entities develop and integrate trust, honesty, and a certain sense of vulnerability into their organizations.

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